What is an online research community?

An online research community is a group of individuals with similar interests, and experiences, who have voluntarily chosen to participate in online research studies about various topics. PNC has engaged with Escalent and Vision Critical, independent research companies, to help gather and analyze insights from the research.

What is PNC Community Insights?

PNC Community Insights is an online research community consisting of a group of PNC customers. Members have the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences about PNC through surveys and interactive research online activities.

Who we are

Escalent and Vision Critical work with PNC to manage PNC Community Insights.

Who is Vision Critical?

Vision Critical provides the software for the PNC Community Insights panel and stores the information collected. They will not use the information for any purpose other than analyzing and reporting survey results to PNC. They have strict security measures in place to protect your information.

Who is Escalent?

Escalent is a top human behavior and analytics firm specializing in industries facing disruption and business transformation. As catalysts of progress for more than 40 years, we tell stories that transform data and insight into a profound understanding of what drives human beings. And we help businesses turn those drivers into actions that build brands, enhance customer experiences and inspire product innovation. Visit www.escalent.co to see how we are helping shape the brands that are reshaping the world. They will not use the information for any purpose other than analyzing and reporting survey results to PNC. They have strict security measures in place to protect your information.

What are the benefits of being a member?

You’ll have an opportunity to share your experiences and opinions with PNC. You may be invited to attend community research forums or other interactive research activities. You may have a chance to propose topics for future surveys that are of interest to you. You’ll have an opportunity to win some great prizes.

How long will I remain a member?

You may remain a member as long as the panel is active and you choose to participate. Members may remove themselves from the panel by clicking on the unsubscribe link or by sending an e-mail request to support@pnccommunityinsights.com.

What happens after I join?

Once you have been accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link that you must click on to become an active member of the panel. When a survey becomes available, you will receive an invitation e-mail with a link to the survey. You can also access this study and any other active studies through the panel portal site under “My Activities”.


What information is required to become a community member?

A brief member profile is the only information required for joining the community. Your member profile will include basic contact information and demographic data. Members who wish to participate in other programs such as focus groups or other special events may be asked to provide additional information. Your information and responses and any contact information will be kept confidential in accordance with PNC’s Privacy Policy. Please refer to the My Information/Privacy section for more information.

How do I register to be a part of PNC Community Insights?

To register, click on the "click here to join" button in your e-mail invitation.


How do I complete a survey?

You will be e-mailed a unique URL address for each survey to which you are invited. Simply click on that URL or cut and paste it into a web browser of your choice and complete the survey form online. Survey length is closely controlled to respect your time.

How long will I have to complete each survey?

You will typically have anywhere from 72 hours to one week to complete each survey.

How long does it take to complete a survey?

Survey length varies from project to project. Your e-mail invitation will state the estimated length of each survey. Some factors, such as connection speed, can affect the time it takes to complete each study. For your reference, a status bar is provided at the top of each screen to let you know where you are in the duration of the survey.

How many surveys do I have to complete?

We encourage participation in as many studies as you are invited to take. Completing at least one survey per month guarantees your entry into the monthly prize drawing. In order to be considered an active member of PNC Community Insights, we ask that you participate in at least three panel studies per year.

How do members receive information about the survey topics they complete?

Periodically, study results may be posted on the PNC Community Insights website.

I’ve been disqualified from the survey. Why?

Each panel is made up of a number of categories with a specific quota to ensure the accuracy of the data. Based on the answers that you have submitted, one or more of the categories that you fall into has been filled. We sincerely regret the inconvenience and hope to have something more relevant to you in the future.

Did you get my responses?

If you would like confirmation that your responses have been received, you can click on the survey link when you are done. A message stating that you have already completed the survey will appear.

What do you do with the data you collect from my surveys?

PNC and Escalent will combine the individual panelist responses and report on the aggregated (or group) results. Your survey data will never be reported with your personally identifiable information (i.e. name, phone number, etc.).

Are there any prizes for filling out the survey?

There is a monthly sweepstakes drawing for members of the community that complete at least one activity during that month. Be sure to read the information provided so you are familiar with the terms and procedures for the prize fulfillment.

Please click here for official sweepstake rules.

I’ve joined, but there are no studies under “My Activities” on the site.

Studies are launched periodically. If there are no studies listed under the “My Activities” area of the panel site, there are no studies currently available. An e-mail invitation will be sent to you when a study is launched and it will also become accessible through the “My Activities” area on the portal page.

Am I still registered in the panel? I haven’t received a survey invitation for a while.

Surveys are often sent depending on region, age group, gender, or other criteria. When a survey matching your profile is launched, you will receive an e-mail invitation. If you have not received an invitation, it is most likely because there have not been any studies released that match your profile.

If you have never received a survey invite, please check your Spam E-mail or Junk E-mail folders to ensure invites have been sent, but not received.


I’m having trouble creating my password.

Your password must be 6-12 characters long and must include at least one number. Ensure that there are no spaces before, in the middle, or at the end of your password. Here are a few examples: Dandel1on

I didn’t receive the confirmation e-mail.

This may be the result of one of two things:

Depending upon your e-mail provider and your personal e-mail settings, some e-mails sent from an automated system may be diverted directly into your Junk Mail folder. To avoid this, you can add our address to your safe list or address book.

You may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly, which would have sent your confirmation to an invalid address. If this has happened, you will need to fill out the questionnaire again. Always type carefully when you respond to survey questions to prevent this from happening.

My password is not working when I return to the portal page.

If you have been re-directed to the panel portal page after completing the questionnaire, you do not need to login to submit your answers. They are already registered. You are re-directed to the panel portal page by default should you wish to update or change any of your account information.

If you have not yet received and clicked the link in your e-mail to confirm your registration, you will not be able to log into the panel. Check your e-mail for this confirmation and follow the steps to complete your entrance into the panel.

When logging in, make sure you don’t enter any unnecessary spaces before or after your e-mail address or password. The system reads blank spaces as extra characters.

I get an “e-mail does not exist” message when I try to login.

If you did not complete the first study you were invited to and click the link in your confirmation e-mail, you are not fully registered in the panel. If you have completed these steps and still cannot login, try closing the portal page and returning in a few minutes.

If you got to the portal page after completing a questionnaire, there is no need for you to login to submit your responses. They are already registered.

I can’t login with my e-mail address. The message says it is not in the database.

After completing the questionnaire, you should have received an e-mail asking you to confirm your e-mail address. The system will not recognize your address until it has been confirmed by clicking on the link in that e-mail.

Check your Inbox and Junk Mail folder for the confirmation e-mail; depending on your e-mail provider, it may have been directed to your Junk Mail folder.

I didn’t receive my password after clicking on the “Forgot password” button.

Depending on the e-mail provider, the e-mail might have been directed to your Junk Mail folder. Some providers automatically divert e-mails sent from an automated system to the Junk Mail folder. To avoid this, add our address to your address book or safe list.

How do I add this panel to my safe list?

Here are the steps to ensure that your survey invitations are not sent to your Junk Mail folder:

• Open your Mailbox.
• Click on "Mail" tab.
• Click on "Options" (It is located on the top right of the page, on the same level as the four tabs labeled Today, Mail, Calendar and Contacts).
• Click on "Junk E-mail Protection".
• Click on "Safe List".
• Type "support@pnccommunityinsights.com" and click "Add".

If you use Hotmail, Yahoo or another e-mail retrieval program or web-based e-mail provider, your e-mail provider or program ‘help’ menu will be able to give you specific instructions on adding an e-mail address to your safe list or address book.

The page timed out.

If you leave your computer or leave the survey on the same page for an extended period of time, the page may time out. Although the page has timed out, your previous answers are not lost. To finish the survey, click on the link again and it will take you right to where you left off.

My postal code is not being accepted.

There are certain “validations” on each question to ensure that the information is filled out properly. Make sure that there are no blank spaces before, within, or after your postal code; the system reads these spaces as characters. Double check that the order of the numbers is correct and that if your code contains zeros, be sure to use the number 0 as opposed to the letter O. If you continue to experience problems, please contact support at support@pnccommunityinsights.com.

Why am I not receiving the e-mail notifications?

Some Internet Service Providers have recently implemented new Spam Filtering Systems that will automatically direct e-mails sent from an automated system directly into the Junk Mail folder. To ensure the receipt of your survey invitations, it is best to add the panel address to your safe list or address book.

The link in my e-mail invitation is not working.

Depending on your service provider, or the size of your e-mail window, the link to the study may be broken onto two or more lines. You may also have a link that is not completely underlined or active. You must select the entire link in order to access the study correctly. If necessary, copy and paste the entire link into a web browser address bar to access the survey.

If this solution doesn’t work, you can also find the study under “My Activities” on the panel portal page.

Why can’t I get past the login page?

Be sure that your browser’s “cookies” are enabled. Here’s how to enable them:

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser:

• Open a browser window - in the tools menu, go to ‘Internet Options’
• Go to the ‘Privacy’ tab
• Set your privacy settings to medium or lower
• Go to the ‘Advanced’ screen
• Make sure ‘Override Automatic Cookie Handling’ is NOT checked
• Hit ‘Ok’

If you are still experiencing problems, it might be your security settings or a conflict with another software application on your system.

Please check the Privacy tab of your Internet Options to ensure that the “Override Automatic Cookie Handling” is NOT selected. If this does not help, check to see if you have any security software installed such as Norton Internet security, personal firewall software, pop-up blockers, or spam blockers. Any of these might be blocking the page load.

If you continue to experience problems, please e-mail us at support@pnccommunityinsights.com with as much detail about the problem as possible (i.e. what platform you are using – PC or MAC and what type of browser – Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape, Safari, etc.)

I can’t see the video.

Please make sure you have the correct software installed to view the videos, which is Flash Player. If you already have the correct software, check the privacy setting on your browser:

• Click the “Advanced” option (from the Tools – Internet Options – Privacy).
• Make sure that “Override Automatic Cookie Handling” is NOT selected.
• If you continue to experience problems, please contact Support at support@pnccommunityinsights.com with as many details as possible (i.e. what type of platform and browser you are using).

The e-mail I received is all in code.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, check to see if you can switch from Plain Text to HTML. At the top of your e-mail window there is a small field with the words “Plain Text” in it. Click on the down arrow to select HTML. If you continue to experience problems, please contact support@pnccommunityinsights.com

How do I copy and paste?

To copy an item, move your cursor to the beginning of the word or sentence you want to copy. Left click and drag your mouse to the end of it to highlight the selection. Right click anywhere on the highlighted selection and select Copy. You can then right click on the spot where you wish to paste the selection and click on “Paste”.

If you want to replace something with your copied selection, simply highlight what you want replaced and then right click and select “Paste”.


Will my profile information be sold to other companies?

PNC Community Insights panelist profile information is used by PNC for research purposes and is not sold or distributed to any company. All information is strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed. Your name will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express acknowledgement. See our Privacy Policy for complete details.

Why do you need my personal information?

Your responses may be grouped together with those of many other PNC customers in the panel. All information provided is kept strictly confidential and is used only for legitimate research purposes. The information gathered during registration helps us to select studies that best match your profile.

Do you have a Terms of Use or Privacy Policy? Where can I find this information?

PNC’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available on the PNC Community Insights homepage. Please take a moment to review the information.


How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, simply click on the “Unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of any of our email communications or within the “Update” section once logged into the member’s page. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process. Once you have completed this action, you will be immediately removed from the panel.


Who should I contact if I am unable to find an answer to my question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, we will be happy to help. Please send an email to our Help Box at support@pnccommunityinsights.com and someone from our panel will assist you shortly.

PNC Customer Service Contact Information

888-PNC-BANK (888-762-2265)


What are the Contest Rules?

Click here for the contest rules.